Monday, January 18, 2010

Christman 2009

We didn't do much for Christmas this year. My parents were supposed to go to Denver to be with my sister's and brother's family. Unfortunately my Mom got sick with bronchial pneumonia so they had to stay home this year. Which was nice for us tho. We just had a quiet day it was so nice. Lincoln loved all his presants. Eli didn't really care ;o) We are very thankful that Sean and I both have a job in this economy. Sean is such a wonderful husband who is willing to work at a job which is not what he wants to be doing. Hopefully the economy will pick back up soon so he can go back to being a auto mechanic. Our family is so blessed and are so lucky to have two such wonderful boys.
Ewan and Noah being silly!

Eli's blessing day.

Ewan, Lincoln and Grandpa having fun!!!

Cousins Jocelyn and Eli taking a nap together.

The three new babies playing on the ground. Tristan 5 months, Eli 1 month, Jocelyn 3 months.

This year my family was able to get together for the first time in 3 years. It was so fun to have everyone together for the Holiday! We were also able to bless Eli and Jocelyn together. It was a wonderful time. We love family and it is so wonderful to have the love and support of family.