Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby Eli 16 days til due date

Baby Lincoln one day after due date. I actually went into labor while this pictue was taken.
Update on baby Eli: We went in Monday the 28th on September and the doctor told us Eli is breech, and he is in the 80th percentile. He tried to move him and he is stubborn and pushed right back on the doctor. So as of right now we are planning for a C-section on the 13th of October. I will keep you updated on our next visit on Monday. We are kinda excited to have an actual due date, but we are both nervouse for the C-section. I know it is silly and is done all the time. It is just something new to take into grasp. We are looking forward to our new little baby boy to come and meet us!


  1. Surgery is always a scary thing, but they are done everyday and your doc is an expert! I'm sure things will go well and plus you'll have little baby Eli! Yay! Love you tons and thinkin' about you!

  2. Everything will be fine. Either way it will work out the way its supposed to. How exciting can't wait to see him (pics as least). Good luck keep us posted.

  3. wow that's quite a talent you have! that's exciting you'll be having a new little baby so soon! good luck!