Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The new year

Ok so I am really really bad with this whole blog thing. Well since my last post Sean's parents came to visit twice. We went to Zions and to St. George. It was nice to visit with them. We miss them so much. My oldest sister, Jacove, and her wonderful family came down for the 4th of July. We spent one day at Zions and lit some fireworks off and had a good visit. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas Scott, his wife Pepper and their cute kiddos. It was so nice to have a day to spend with them. We had an amazing Christmas with my side of the family, all of us kids and our families were able to make it out to my parents house.

Sean has been doing well. He still has a looooong drive to work. We had to sell our 4runner and buy a little civic to help with gas expenses which has saved us a bundle. He is just working and playing around with his guns. He likes to go shooting with our brother-in-law AJ on the weekends when they get a chance. He has been doing well at work getting a lot of praise for his awesome attitude and for his new ideas to help the farm out. I am so thankful for his hard work to keep our family going.

I have picked put more hours at work which has been a blessing financially for us, but it is hard for me to be gone from my boys more. I only work three days and am so so so blessed to have my mom and my little sister able to watch my kids, so we don't have to do the day care thing. I am just working and taking care of my beautiful boys. I ran two 5k's this summer with my little sister Christine and I did pretty well, and by that I mean I wasn't last place. I am so proud of my accomplishments. With all the holiday hubbub I have quit running and need to start again.

Also this past year Lincoln got tubes put in his ears and has started speech therapy. He is doing really well with his speech, listening and all around a more calm kid. He is such a sweetheart and I could not have asked for a more amazing child. He is just so sweet and caring, an all around selfless child. He loves to play with our dog Miley, or torment her by chasing her around the house. He loves to call coyotes with his Grandpa Worthen. My dad took him out on the rhino and he stoped to call some coyotes in and Lincoln hopped down and started to howl along. My dad said that he couldn't get any to call back because Linc just kept howling.

Eli is our crazy red head. He is a little fire cracker, and full of jumping beans. He always has a hop in his step, and he never just sits still. He has this giggle that he does when he likes something or he is about to get candy from Grandpa Worthen. He loves my mom more than me I thinks sometimes. He loves spending time with her and never cares when I have to leave. He say "Bye, eee you mama" and blows me a kiss and is off to play with Grandpa Worthen. He also loves my Granny very very much. He is very protective of her and gets mad if she doesn't pick him up right when she gets in the room. He has such a funny personality. He is always making us laugh. He loves to sing and dance. This morning I heard him singing the abc's. I feel very blessed to have such sweet boys and would never change anything about them being so close. It is hard at times, but so wonderful the rest of the time. They play so well together, even after they get into wrestling matches.

That is the run down of the past year. I am going to be better at updating, since we now have internet.


  1. I've said it before, your boys are the cutest! And ya, you need to keep up on the blog, I like feeling conected to everyone in the US of A! Miss you guys!

  2. Your boys are getting so big!. Thanks for blogging so I can keep up on what is going on!!